Skincare Routine: Following the Best Order of Skincare Regimen

Skincare Routine: Following the Best Order of Skincare Regimen

In building your skincare routine, you must determine how the order affects the effectiveness and the benefit it brings in maximizing the performance of each product. The universal goal is to achieve that healthy and glass-looking skin through a skincare routine with products for ladies, mums, and everybody with different skin types and conditions.

The general rule of thumb, is you must layer the products based on their formulas. From the thinnest, water-based until to the thickest product formulation.

Step #1: Cleansers

To begin the routine, you have to have a clean skin canvas. Remove all products and residues that may be sitting on top of the skin with Sukin Oil Balancing Purifying Gel Cleanser to give you a gentle yet thorough cleansing.

Step #2: Toner

Other than using cleansers to clean your skin, toners are also used as backups after the cleanser to make sure that no oil, dirt, and residues remain before the next product. Sukin Rose Hydrating Mist Toner has properties to refresh the skin after thorough cleansing and to prepare it for more concentrated treatments.

Step #3: Serum

After the skin preparations, it’s time to apply the serum as it contains highly-concentrated formulations with active ingredients that can deeply penetrate the skin and work from the inside out. Beyoutify Tea Tree Serum is formulated with Tea Tree extract to lessen topical causes of pimples and get rid of its blemishes. 

Step #4: Eye Cream

The eye area has the thinnest skin than the rest of the body. This area demands delicate yet effective and moisturizing eye treatment to avoid apparent signs of aging.

Step #5: Moisturizer

Regardless of any skin type, moisturizer isn’t something you can skip. Moisturizers come in different textures to suit all skin types, from lightweight gel for oily skin to rich and creamy for dry skin. Celranico Intense Collagen Cream is here to deliver deep moisture and elasticity with its collagen ingredient.

Step #6: Sunscreen

Let’s raise the effectiveness of our skincare routine with sunscreen to protect our skin from the harmful UV rays that can diminish the result of our multi-step skincare routine. Bondi Sands Hydra UV Protect SPF 50+ can provide a broad spectrum of UVA and UVB protection.


Following the best order of a skincare routine is as essential as finding the best product to use in the regimen. The correct usage of product ingredients for different skin conditions generates a more effective result in achieving that healthy and glass-looking skin. With convenience in mind, Kuhana Mum & Me created a skincare product guide to help you choose the products you can use in your skincare journey.

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